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Jim Rohn: Six Days of Labor, One Day of Rest

A smart explanation of why 6+1 is better than any other combination.

Jim Rohn: How to Avoid Being Broke and Stupid

Hailed as one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success in business and life. Jim’s compelling presentation will awaken the unlimited power of achievement within you as you: Explore Jim’s unique view of the 21st century and opportunities within it; Learn 3 ways to improve yourself and [...]

Jim Rohn INSPIRATIONAL Quotes w/music by U2

Inspiration by Jim Rohn – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own by U2 – Inspirational and Motivational Video

Jim Rohn on Personal Development to Greatness

Jim Rohn on Personal Development to Greatness. Work harder.. on yourself(!!!) than you do on your job.