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Unlocking the secrets of the brain’s dopaminergic system

A new organoid model of the dopaminergic system sheds lights on its intricate functionality and potential implications for Parkinson’s disease. The model replicates the dopaminergic system’s structure, connectivity, and functionality.

Glial tone of aggression

While anger and aggression are instinctive behaviors found across many species, leaving these emotions unchecked can lead to conflict and violence. In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that neuronal-glial interactions in the cerebellum determine…

Brains of newborns aren’t underdeveloped compared to other primates

Contrary to current understanding, the brains of human newborns aren’t significantly less developed compared to other primate species, but appear so because so much brain development happens after birth, finds a new study.

New study maps ketamine’s effects on brain

A mouse study found that the drug ketamine can alter the brain’s dopamine system, boosting the case for more targeted medical use.

Salty immune cells surrounding the brain linked to hypertension-induced dementia

A study suggests that the response of immune system cells inside the protective covering surrounding the brain may contribute to the cognitive decline that can occur in a person with chronic high blood pressure. This finding may shed light on new ways …

Study identifies peptide as key mediator in heavy alcohol drinking

Researchers have identified that a peptide called pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP), is involved in heavy alcohol drinking. In addition, they have discovered that this peptide acts in the BNST area.