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After blindness, the adult brain can learn to see again

More than 40 million people worldwide are blind, and many of them reach this condition after many years of slow and progressive retinal degeneration. The development of sophisticated prostheses or new light-responsive elements, aiming to replace the di…

Brain surface stimulation provides ‘touch’ feedback to direct movement

Grasping a cup or brushing hair or cooking a meal requires feedback that has been lost in amputees and individuals with paralysis — a sense of touch. Researchers have now used direct stimulation of the human brain surface to provide this basic sensory…

Saving sight in glaucoma: Why the brain may hold the key

What causes vision loss in glaucoma? There are two common answers that at first may seem disparate: the first is pressure, as in elevated ocular pressure, and the second is damage to the optic nerve, which is the structure that sends visual information…

Easing labor pain may help reduce postpartum depression in some women

Epidural anesthesia may do more than relieve pain during labor; in some women it may decrease the likelihood of postpartum depression, suggests a preliminary study.

Bilingual brains activate different networks when reading opaque, transparent languages

Bilinguals use different neural networks to read languages that are pronounced as they are written – such as the Basque language – from those in which this correspondence does not exist, like English, researchers have found. The results are valuabl…

Deaf awareness: Communication made simple

Deaf awareness is not complicated, but it is important. Without a solid understanding, deaf and hard-of-hearing people can be excluded and become isolated.