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Our recall of familiar objects – like the Apple logo – may not be as accurate we think

A study that tested ability to recall the Apple logo, found only 1 out of 85 participants was able to draw it correctly, despite many being confident they would be able to do so.

Surprising source of serotonin could affect antidepressant activity

An unconventional way that serotonin is released from neurons could play an important role in the mechanism through which antidepressant drugs work, scientists report. Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that plays a key role in regulating various emo…

Specific neurotransmitter receptor supports optimal information processing in the brain

Researchers have been fascinated for a long time by learning and memory formation, and many questions are still open. Now neuroscientists have discovered a key building block for this complex process. A particular neurotransmitter receptor, namely the …

Why good solutions make us oblivious to the better ones

Psychologists have known about the so-called Einstellung effect since the 1940s. Now researchers are developing a solid understanding of how the phenomenon works.

High-fat diet alters behavior and produces signs of brain inflammation

Can the consumption of fatty foods change your behavior and your brain?High-fat diets have long been known to increase the risk for medical problems, including heart disease and stroke, but…

Stereotypes lower math performance in women, but effects go unrecognized, IU study finds

A new study from Indiana University suggests that gender stereotypes about women’s ability in mathematics negatively impact their performance.