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Human and artificial intelligence join forces to study complexity of the brain

A team of scientists has mapped the gene expression of each individual brain cell during aging, though they started small: with the brain of a fruit fly. Their ‘cell atlas’ provides unprecedented insights into the workings of the brain as it ages.

Brain’s water system and stroke treatment

Water is transported from the blood into the brain via an ion transporter, a new study on mice reveals. If the mechanism can be targeted with medicine, it may prove relevant to all disorders involving increased intracranial pressure, including brain ed…

Increased helmet use in alpine sports fails to reduce risk of traumatic brain injury

A new study confirms that helmets are generally effective in protecting skiers and snowboarders from head injuries, but questions their effect in reducing traumatic brain injury, especially concussion.

Neuroscientists locate neurons in brain that respond when a target is found

Researchers have discovered the neurons that activate when a person finds an item they are looking for.

How instruction changes brain circuitry with struggling readers

Using MRI measurements of the brain’s neural connections, or ‘white matter,’ researchers have shown that, in struggling readers, the neural circuitry strengthened — and their reading performance improved — after just eight weeks of a specialized tuto…

EEG can determine if a depressed patient will do better on antidepressants or talk therapy

A simple, in-office EEG-based test can help determine if a depressed patient will do better on antidepressants or talk therapy.