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Brain injury in preemies may be treatable even well after birth

Brain injury in extremely premature babies may be treatable even well after birth, new research finds. Over a third of cases of cerebral palsy are still linked to being born extremely prematurely.

Scientists create ‘non-psychedelic’ compound with same anti-depressant effect

New research in animal models show it’s possible to create a compound that hits the same exact target as psychedelic drugs hit — the 5-HT2A serotonin receptors on the surface of specific neurons — but does not cause the same psychedelic effects when …

Brain development of the preterm baby is improved by supporting emotional connection with the parent

Supporting emotional connection between a premature baby and mother during the intensive care unit treatment effectively improves the baby’s brain development. The effects are clearly visible in the baby’s brain network function and later neurocognitiv…

Metabolism linked to brain health

A new study has found a link between metabolism and dementia-related brain measures, providing valuable insights about the disease.

Unraveling the reward behavior: Mechanisms underlying the dopamine signaling pathway

Researchers discover that the phosphorylation of a newly identified protein kinase substrate downstream of the dopamine signaling pathway regulates the brain reward behavior.

What is the effect of hierarchy on moral behavior?

Researchers show that powerful hierarchical situations make it easier to commit harmful actions, as agency and empathy are split across multiple individuals.