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Hot-button words trigger conservatives and liberals differently

Researchers have linked a brain region to what they call neural polarization, offering a glimpse into the partisan brain in the weeks leading up to what is arguably the most consequential U.S. presidential election in modern history.

Anti-inflammatory therapy shows promise in slowing progression of multiple sclerosis

Intranasal administration of an anti-inflammatory drug helped reduce disease progression in a preclinical model of multiple sclerosis, according to recent research.

Fear and anxiety share same bases in brain

A recent report provides new evidence that fear and anxiety reflect overlapping brain circuits. The findings run counter to popular scientific accounts, highlighting the need for a major theoretical reckoning.

What lies between grey and white in the brain

A multidisciplinary team has succeeded in making the superficial white matter visible in the living human brain.

‘Use it or lose it’: Regular social engagement linked to healthier brain microstructure in older adults

Older people who report greater levels of social engagement have more robust gray matter in regions of the brain relevant in dementia, according to new research. It is the first to use a particularly sensitive type of brain imaging to conduct such an e…

Automatic decision-making prevents us harming others

The processes our brains use to avoid harming other people are automatic and reflexive – and quite different from those used when avoiding harm to ourselves, according to new research.