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Scientists uncover common cell signaling pathway awry in some types of autism

Skin cells derived from autistic donors grew faster than those from control subjects, and activated their genes in distinct patterns, scientists report. Genes related to cell growth were unusually active, leading to more cells but fewer connections bet…

Sertraline, brand named Zoloft, improves functioning in young children with fragile X

Treatment with sertraline may provide nominal but important improvements in cognition and social participation in very young children with fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability and the leading single-gene cause of…

Marijuana use leads to laziness, study suggests

Rats given THC – a psychoactive compound in marijuana – were less willing to complete a difficult cognitive task in order to receive a greater reward.

Reducing prescription opioid addiction by switching receptors

Addiction to opioid painkillers has risen rapidly over the last decade. Could its addictive power be reduced by switching to a different receptor subtype?

Next steps in understanding brain function

As scientists around the globe join efforts to understand brain function, we enter the era of Big Data and stir up debate on how science is done and how it can affect us all.

Stiff arteries linked with memory problems, mouse study suggests

Using a new mouse model, researchers have found that stiffer arteries can also negatively affect memory and other critical brain processes. The findings may eventually reveal how arterial stiffness leads to Alzheimer’s and other diseases involving de…