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How astrocytes help the brain process information

New research reveals that noradrenaline plays a key role in how astrocytes — star-shaped cells in the brain closely associated with neurons — track distinct information during behavior. The researchers found that astrocytes can integrate information …

Popular mobile games can be used to detect signs of cognitive decline

New research shows that popular mobile phone games such as Tetris, Candy Crush Saga and Fruit Ninja could provide a new tool to help doctors spot early signs of cognitive decline, some of which may indicate the onset of serious conditions like dementia.

Advanced MRI brain scan may help predict stroke-related dementia

An advanced MRI brain scan analysis in patients with stroke-damaged blood vessels helped predict problems with thinking (planning, organizing information and processing speed) and dementia.

Gene therapy helps functional recovery after stroke

A new gene therapy turns glial cells — abundant support cells in the brain — into neurons, repairing damage that results from stroke and significantly improving motor function in mice.

A diabetes drug promotes brain repair — but it only works in females

Study finds that the diabetes drug metformin, known to promote brain repair, can also help restore cognitive function in adult mice but only in females and in a way that is dependent on the sex hormone estradiol.

Dynamic reorganization of brain circuit with post-stroke rehabilitation

Researchers have revealed an interaction between cortico-brainstem pathways during training-induced recovery in stroke model rats. The researchers demonstrated that the rapid compensatory recruitment of the cortex-to-brainstem pathways occurred when ot…