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Single-cell ‘atlas’ reveals origin of an aggressive brain tumor

Data from a new fetal brain atlas has helped a science team discover a collection of progenitor cells that give rise to aggressive ‘group 3′ medulloblastomas. Findings include identifying two genes that may serve as treatment targets. Mice with these t…

Prenatal wellness classes cut moms’ depression in half up to eight years later

A low-cost, prenatal intervention benefits mothers’ mental health up to eight years later, a new study finds.

Researchers discover crucial role of brain’s striatum cilia in time perception

Researchers have discovered that removal of cilia from the brain’s striatum region impaired time perception and judgment, revealing possible new therapeutic targets for mental and neurological conditions including schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Hunting…

Silent synapses are abundant in the adult brain

Neuroscientists discovered that the adult brain contains millions of ‘silent synapses’ — immature connections between neurons that remain inactive until they’re recruited to help form new memories.

Heightened activity of specific brain cells following traumatic social experience blocks social reward and promotes sustained social avoidance

Past social trauma is encoded by a population of stress/threat-responsive brain cells that become hyperactivated during subsequent interaction with non-threatening social targets. As a consequence, previously rewarding social targets are now perceived …

For memory formation, organization matters

Researchers have found that cells in the rat hippocampus — a brain region that is essential for making memories — are specifically organized into small clusters when fear-based memories are formed. Furthermore, when rats slept after a learning period…