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E-cigarettes ‘help smokers quit or cut down’

E-cigarettes appear to help smokers cut down but some

say they are creating a new generation of addicts.

Most U.S. doctors now support assisted suicide

Survey shows for the first time most U.S. doctors back

the rights of patients with an “incurable illness” to

seek “a dignified death.”

Educating first responders across U.S. on autism   safety

A retired police officer has made it his mission to educate first responders and others about how to more effectively interact with people with autism spectrum disorder.

How to survive emotionally during the holidays

Spending time with family during the holidays can lead

to stress and resentment.

People trust typical-looking faces most

Being ‘average’ is often considered a bad thing, but new research suggests that averageness wins when people assess the trustworthiness of a face. The research indicates that, while typical-looking faces aren’t seen as the most attractive, they are con…

Broad receptive field responsible for differentiated neuronal activity

Some neurons are more active than others, even when they are positioned right next to each other and are one and the same neuron type. Researchers now have discovered the cause for this phenomenon.