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Uncovering anxiety: Scientists identify causative pathway and potential cures

Quick-acting targeted therapies with minimal side effects are an urgent need for the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. While delta opioid receptor (DOP) agonists have shown ‘anxiolytic’ or anxiety-reducing effects, their mechanism of action is no…

Air pollution linked to more signs of Alzheimer’s in brain

People with higher exposure to traffic-related air pollution were more likely to have high amounts of amyloid plaques in their brains associated with Alzheimer’s disease after death, according to a new study. Researchers looked at fine particulate matt…

If your TV spoke to you, would you buy it? Study finds people spend more on some ‘talking products’

New research used brain scanning technology to understand the effect of advertisements that try to sell products with talking versions of themselves. The work suggests that that anthromorphic displays lead to different cognition, and that buyers are li…

Blocking key protein may halt progression of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers have found that inhibiting a key protein can stop the destruction of synapses and dendritic spines commonly seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

Smiling is the secret to seeing happiness, new research reveals

Smiling for just a split second makes people more likely to see happiness in expressionless faces, new research has revealed. The study shows that even a brief weak grin makes faces appear more joyful. The pioneering experiment used electrical stimulat…

Stress during pregnancy can lead to early maturation of first-born daughters

Researchers have found a correlation between early signs of adrenal puberty in first-born daughters and their mothers’ having experienced high levels of prenatal stress. They did not find the same result in boys or daughters who were not first-born.