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Gene variant increases empathy-driven fear in mice

A small difference in a gene affecting brain circuitry explains variations in empathic fear among different inbred mice strains. As empathy is evolutionarily conserved from rodents to humans, the study brings new insights into the workings of the mamma…

Brain processes sight and sound in same manner

Neuroscientists have found that the human brain learns to make sense of auditory and visual stimuli in the same two-step process.

Why is it harder for females to gain weight?

Why is it harder for females to gain weight? A new study proposes that part of the answer may be in the brain.

Brain networks: Keeping the excitement under control

Scientists are using advanced techniques to monitor the activity of networks of single sensory neurons in the brain. By listening in on hundreds of conversations, the scientists have discovered how a single signal from one cell manages to attract atten…

Overcoming bias about music takes work

Expectations and biases play a large role in our enjoyment of experiences such as art and wine. Now, researchers have found that simply being told that a performer is a professional or a student changes the way the brain responds to music, and overcomi…

Ketamine nasal spray could fight depression fast

Could a fast-acting new drug curb serious depression symptoms, including suicidal thoughts? A recent study says ‘yes,’ but questions of safety arise.