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Pursuing concrete "giving" goals rather than abstract ones leads to greater happiness

The paradox of happiness is that chasing it may actually make us less happy, a Stanford researcher says.So how does one find happiness? Effective ways exist, according to new research.

First-of-its-kind study finds that parents ignored best practices recommended by spanking advocates

A new study based on real-time audio recordings of parents practicing corporal punishment discovered that spanking was far more common than parents admit, that children were hit for trivial misdeeds…

Finding turns neuroanatomy on its head: Researchers present new view of myelin

Neuroscientists have made a discovery that turns 160 years of neuroanatomy on its head. Myelin, the electrical insulating material long known to be essential for the fast transmission of impulses along the axons of nerve cells, is not as ubiquitous as …

Better way to deal with bad memories suggested

A simple and effective emotion-regulation strategy that has neurologically and behaviorally been proven to lessen the emotional impact of personal negative memories, researchers have shown. “Sometimes we dwell on how sad, embarrassed, or hurt we felt d…

Research shows nearly half of all jailed youths in New York City have brain injury

Experts say findings could lead to better training for correction officers on how to deal with the possible symptoms of such trauma.

Stress may make allergy symptoms worse

Study suggests that stress may trigger symptom flare-ups in people with seasonal allergies.