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Gene variants involved in stress responses affect ‘post-concussive’ symptoms

Variations in a gene that affect the body’s responses to stress influence the risk of developing so-called post-concussive symptoms (PCS) after car crashes, reports a study in Psychosomatic Medicine…

ADHD medication: is it a good idea?

The drug methylphenidate, given to children with ADHD, has some benefits but also some disadvantages. Researchers cite a lack of concrete evidence about its effectiveness.

People who rely on their intuition are, at times, less likely to cheat

In psychological studies, intuition, or “gut instinct,” is defined as the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

Immune-disorder treatment in mice holds potential for multiple sclerosis patients

A simple, rapid way to treat an immune-related disorder in mice has been identified by researchers, an approach that could eventually help multiple sclerosis patients after further research.

‘Connector hubs’ are the champions of brain coordination

Swinging a bat at a 90-mph fastball requires keen visual, cognitive and motor skills. But how do diverse brain networks coordinate well enough to hit the ball? A new study suggests the human brain’s aptitude and versatility can be credited in large par…

Anti-fat attitudes shaped early in life

New findings from New Zealand’s University of Otago suggest older toddlers–those aged around 32 months old–are picking up on the anti-fat attitudes of their mothers.