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Human learning can be duplicated in solid matter

Researchers have found that learning — a universal feature of intelligence in living beings — can be mimicked in synthetic matter, a discovery that in turn could inspire new algorithms for artificial intelligence (AI).

Which types of brain activity support conscious experiences?

Our subjective experience appears to us in a continuous stream of integrated information, and researchers now explore the question: Which characteristics should brain activity have to support this type of conscious experiences? The group searched for i…

Researchers study recurrent neural network structure in the brain

A recurrent neural network structure exists in the most important part of the brain — the frontal cortex — and this network is less complex than has been thought and mostly unidirectional, new research shows.

Our eyes and brain work together to create a ‘pipeline’ of meaning – new study

Humans read by ‘pre-processing’ written words to create a pipeline of meaning, according to new research.

Mice’s learning skills help researchers pinpointing brain areas where acquired knowledge is stored

Is it a Rembrandt or a Vermeer? For lay people, it is often challenging to distinguish paintings by these two old masters. For the trained eye of an expert, on the other hand, it is not difficult at all. Scientists have now demonstrated that mice can a…

A genetic brain disease reversed after birth

Researchers report that Kleefstra syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to intellectual disability, can be reversed after birth in a mouse model of the disease. The series of experiments showed that postnatal treatment resulted in improved symptoms, …