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Seeking a personalized treatment solution for intellectual disability

Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have produced an approach that protects animal models against a type of genetic disruption that causes intellectual…

Virtual reality assertiveness training helped teen girls avoid sexual victimization

Teen girls were less likely to report being sexually victimized after learning to assertively resist unwanted sexual overtures and practicing resistance in a realistic virtual environment, finds a…

Lead negatively impacts cognitive functions of boys more than girls

The female hormones estrogen and estradiol may help ward off the effects of lead exposure for young girls, explaining why boys, are shown to suffer more often from the cognitive disabilities linked to lead.

Lucid dreams and metacognition: Awareness of thinking; awareness of dreaming

To control one’s dreams and to live ‘out there’ what is impossible in real life — a truly tempting idea. Some persons — so-called lucid dreamers — can do this. Researchers have discovered that the brain area which enables self-reflection is larger i…

Lose weight using just your mind

Researcher says people may be able to control their hunger pangs (to an extent) if they try to remember the last food they’ve eaten.

Why all-nighters don’t work: How sleep, memory go hand-in-hand

Scientists have long known that sleep, memory and learning are deeply connected but how has remained a mystery. The question is, does the mechanism that promotes sleep also consolidate memory, or do two distinct processes work together? In other words,…