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The music of silence: Imagining a song triggers similar brain activity to moments of mid-music silence

Imagining a song triggers similar brain activity as moments of silence in music, according to new research. The results reveal how the brain continues responding to music, even when none is playing, and provide new insights into how human sensory predi…

Learning foreign languages can affect the processing of music in the brain

Research has shown that a music-related hobby boosts language skills and affects the processing of speech in the brain. According to a new study, the reverse also happens — learning foreign languages can affect the processing of music in the brain.

Mapping of genetic control elements in the cerebellum

The mammalian cerebellum is key to motor control and contributes to many of the higher brain functions. Scientists have now decoded the genetic programs that control the development of cerebellar cell types before and after birth.

Amygdala found to have role in important pre-attentive mechanism in the brain

Researchers have shown how the amygdala, a brain region typically associated with fear, contributes to prepulse inhibition (PPI) by activating small inhibitory neurons in the mouse brain stem. The discovery advances understanding of the systems underly…

Tiny wireless device illuminates neuron activity in the brain

A team lights a path forward for improved treatment of conditions including addiction and epilepsy and chronic pain. In a new article, they report on a wireless transcranial optogenetic simulation device that can send light through the skull rather tha…

How to make up your mind when the glass seems half empty?

Neuroscientists have connected some of the dots to reveal the brain networks that give anxiety influence over decisions. The group has published a review that synthesizes results from years of brain measurements in rats and primates and relates these f…