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BPA exposure of the placenta could affect fetal brain development

Scientists demonstrate the direct transmission of bisphenol A (BPA) from a mother to her developing child via the placenta could negatively impact fetal brain development.

Biologists identify neural circuits associated with aging

Biologists have identified neural circuits associated with aging in fruit flies. Some circuits remain the same no matter the fly’s age, while others weaken over the fly’s life span.

Remembering faces and names can be improved during sleep

New research has documented the effect reactivating memory during sleep has on face-name learning. The researchers found that people’s name recall improved significantly when memories of newly learned face-name associations were reactivated while they …

Decoding inner language to treat speech disorders

What if it were possible to decode the internal language of individuals deprived of the ability to express themselves? Researchers have now managed to identify promising neural signals to capture our internal monologues. They were also able to identify…

New knowledge about the ‘happiness hormone’ dopamine

New findings provide a better understanding of how the synthesis of dopamine is regulated in the brain. It may shed new light on the mechanism behind diseases such as Parkinson’s.

Brain-based method to determine impairment from cannabis intoxication

A new study shows that imaging of brain activity with functional near-infrared spectroscopy might offer a more accurate and reliable way to distinguish impairment from cannabis intoxication.