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New findings reveal surprising role of the cerebellum in reward and social behaviors

A study in rodents found that the brain’s cerebellum — known to play a role in motor coordination — also helps control the brain’s reward circuitry. Researchers found a direct neural connection from the cerebellum to the ventral tegmental area (a bra…

Wired for obesity

January 17, 2019 by - No Comment

Wired for obesity

Researchers have discovered a set of genes that help to establish brain connections governing body weight.

How to rapidly image entire brains at nanoscale resolution

A powerful new technique combines expansion microscopy with lattice light-sheet microscopy for nanoscale imaging of fly and mouse neuronal circuits and their molecular constituents that’s roughly 1,000 times faster than other methods.

Scientists search for new methods to cure neurodegenerative diseases

Most neurons in the human brain are generated from neural stem cells during embryonic development. After birth, a small reservoir of stem cells remains in the brain that keeps on producing new neurons throughout life. However, the question arises as to…

Epigenetics contribute to male and female differences in fear memory

In a mouse model of traumatic memory, male mice recall fear-related memories better than female mice, according to a new study.

New findings on eye-signal blending

Knowing precisely where the signals meet and the brain processes them is vital to treating amblyopia, or reduced vision in one eye because the brain and eye aren’t working together properly.