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The quest for neuronal origins

The cerebral cortex consists of a large diversity of neurons, each displaying specific characteristics in terms of molecular, morphological and functional features. But where are these neurons born? How do they develop their distinct properties? Scient…

Seizures may be detected through sound

A new Epilepsia study indicates that individuals without electroencephalogram (EEG) training can detect ongoing seizures in comatose patients through a novel method by which patients’ brain waves are converted to sound.

Brain stethoscope listens for silent seizures

By converting brain waves into sound, even non-specialists can detect ‘silent seizures’ — epileptic seizures without the convulsions most of us expect.

Decision-making is shaped by individual differences in the functional brain connectome

Each day brings with it a host of decisions to be made, and each person approaches those decisions differently. A new study found that these individual differences are associated with variation in specific brain networks — particularly those related t…

Amygdala neurons increase as children become adults — except in autism

Researchers have found that typically-developing children gain more neurons in a region of the brain that governs social and emotional behavior, the amygdala, as they become adults. This phenomenon does not happen in people with autism spectrum disorde…

Role of specific gene in 16p11.2 deletion autism

New findings in mice suggest that the lack of a copy of the gene MVP may contribute to the symptoms of 16p11.2 deletion syndrome because it is needed for brain circuits to incorporate changes driven by experience.