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White matter: The brain’s flexible but underrated superhighway

Once considered little more than tightly packed cabling, white matter is now known to be as important as gray matter. We explain why white matter matters.

Brain’s ‘fear hub’ generates neurons in adulthood

A new mouse study finds that the adult brain generates new neurons in a previously unknown area: the amygdala, also known as the brain’s fear center.

Mental health programs in schools – growing body of evidence supports effectiveness

School-based mental health programs can reach large numbers of children, with increasing evidence of effectiveness in improving mental health and related outcomes, according to a research review in…

Stress heightens fear of threats from the past

Recognizing threats is an essential function of the human mind – think “fight or flight” – one that is aided by past negative experiences.

Embracing negative emotions could boost psychological well-being

In a bad mood? Researchers suggest that it might be worth embracing those negative emotions; it could benefit your psychological health.

Do pets really benefit children’s health? Large study investigates

Using advanced statistical tools, the largest study of its kind investigates the supposed link between children’s health and household pet ownership.