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Research discovery may help diagnose and treat cancer and brain disorders

Researchers have revealed how the pathway of an identified protein could lead to early diagnosis and targeted treatment for several cancers and brain disorders.

Realistic computer models of brain cells

Investigators have created the most bio-realistic and complex computer models of individual brain cells — in unparalleled quantity. Their research details how these models could one day answer questions about neurological disorders — and even human i…

A role for cell ‘antennae’ in managing dopamine signals in the brain

A historically overlooked rod-like projection present on nearly every cell type in the human body may finally be getting its scientific due: A new study has found that these appendages, called cilia, on neurons in the brain have a key role in ensuring …

Neuroimaging study reveals fatigue-related differences by age and gender

To study the relationship between age and fatigue, researchers conducted a novel study using neuroimaging and self-report data.

No, the human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago

Did the 12th century B.C.E. — a time when humans were forging great empires and developing new forms of written text — coincide with an evolutionary reduction in brain size? Think again, says a team of researchers whose new paper refutes a hypothesis…

When a task adds more steps, this circuit helps you notice

By tracking feedback during tasks, the anterior cingulate cortex notices when a new step has become necessary and signals the motor cortex to adjust, a new neuroscience study shows.