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Study provides evidence of the influence of emotion awareness on the development of attention in preschool children

Young children, who possess a good understanding of their own emotions and of those of their fellow human beings early on, suffer fewer attention problems than their peers with a lower emotional…

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia with psychiatric, medical conditions

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a widely used nonpharmacologic treatment for insomnia disorders and an analysis of the medical literature suggests it also can work for patients whose insomnia is…

Significant reduction in serious crimes after juvenile offenders given emotional awareness training

Scientists believe that a simple two-hour emotional awareness course aimed at making young offenders less aggressive could hold the key to significantly reducing the seriousness of their future crimes.

Can playing Tetris reduce intrusive memories?

A new study finds playing Tetris after reactivating emotional memories could reduce the occurrence of intrusive memories – a common symptom in people with PTSD.

Emotional awareness training ‘reduces severe crime reoffending rates’

Training to recognize the emotions behind different facial expressions has been found to lower the severity of crimes among reoffending youth.

Traders’ testosterone ‘makes them take financial risks’

Scientists measure the effects of stress on risk-taking behavior in the financial markets, finding a link between risky behavior and the hormones cortisol and testosterone.