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Brain ‘noise’ may hold the keys to psychiatric treatment efficacy

It remains a central challenge in psychiatry to reliably judge whether a patient will respond to treatment. Researchers now show that moment-to-moment fluctuations in brain activity can reliably predict whether patients with social anxiety disorder wil…

Large doses of intensive therapy better for children with cerebral palsy, multi-university study finds

Scientists report that children benefited most from 60 hours of Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) over four weeks. The study also showed that the intensive therapy did not add stress for families.

Brain activity patterns after trauma may predict long-term mental health

The way a person’s brain responds to stress following a traumatic event, such as a car accident, may help to predict their long-term mental health outcomes, according to new research. The study followed more than 3,000 people for up to a year after exp…

Sense of smell is our most rapid warning system

The ability to detect and react to the smell of a potential threat is a precondition of our and other mammals’ survival. Using a novel technique, researchers have been able to study what happens in the brain when the central nervous system judges a sme…

Don’t go green with envy, but fish might be able to distinguish color more effectively than humans

Researchers have revealed that non-mammalian vertebrates might have a much more simple and effective way of deciphering between colour and greyscale information than humans, tracking explanations back to early evolution.

In neurodegenerative diseases, brain immune cells have a ‘ravenous appetite’ for sugar

At the beginning of neurodegenerative disease, the immune cells of the brain — the ‘microglia’ — take up glucose, a sugar molecule, to a much greater extent than hitherto assumed. These results are of great significance for the interpretation of brai…