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Extra stress in same-sex couples may raise risk of domestic abuse

Domestic violence occurs at least as frequently, and likely even more so, between same-sex couples compared to opposite-sex couples, according to a review of literature by Northwestern Medicine&reg…

Benefits of wellness program for people with multiple sclerosis demonstrated in pilot study

A pilot study has shown the benefits of a 10-week psychoeducational wellness program in people with multiple sclerosis. Improvements were seen in mood, overall mental health, perceived stress, and pain, researchers report.

Brainwave test could improve autism diagnosis, classification

Measuring how fast the brain responds to sights and sounds could help in objectively classifying people on the autism spectrum and may help diagnose the condition earlier, research suggests. Statistics show that 1 in 68 children has been identified wit…

Food memory: Discovery shows how we remember taste experiences

A functional link between the brain region responsible for taste memory and the area responsible for encoding the time and place we experienced the taste had been found. The findings expose the complexity and richness of the simple sensory experiences …

Fear of failure from a young age affects attitude to learning

An early established fear of failure at school can influence students’ motivation to learn and negatively affect their attitude to learning.This is the finding of a study by Dr.

Friend or foe: ‘devastating’ number of hate-fuelled crimes are committed by friends, colleagues and carers of victims

A ‘devastating’ number of hate crimes are committed by people closer to home than many would like to believe, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Leicester.