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Can daydreaming enhance mental performance?

Allowing the mind to wander may not be such a negative thing when it comes to working on complex mental tasks, suggests a new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Susceptibility for relapsing major depressive disorder can be calculated

The question if an individual will suffer from relapsing major depressive disorder is not de-termined by accident.

Expert recommendations for diagnosing pediatric acute onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS)

A panel of leading clinicians and researchers across various general and specialty pediatric fields developed a consensus statement recommending how to evaluate youngsters in whom neuropsychiatric…

Tai Chi may favorably affect the inflammatory system

A randomized controlled trial published in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics indicates effects of a medictation techniqie, Tai Chi, on the inflammatory system.

Animal therapy reduces anxiety, loneliness symptoms in college students

Animal-assisted therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety and loneliness among college students, according to researchers at Georgia State University, Idaho State University and Savannah College of…

Reminiscing can help boost mental performance

Engaging brain areas linked to so-called ‘off-task’ mental activities (such as mind-wandering and reminiscing) can actually boost performance on some challenging mental tasks, a new research led by a neuroscientist shows for the first.

Are our brains physically shaped by life experiences?

Following up on our previous feature on the adult health consequences of bullying, we look at how exposure to different forms of violence is linked to changes in neurobiology.

New window of opportunity to prevent cardiovascular, diseases

Future prevention and treatment strategies for vascular diseases may lie in the evaluation of early brain imaging tests long before heart attacks or strokes occur, according to a systematic review conducted by a team of cardiologists, neuroscientists, …

If you’re over 60, drink up: Alcohol associated with better memory

For people 60 and older who do not have dementia, light alcohol consumption during late life is associated with higher episodic memory — the ability to recall memories of events — researchers report.

Diet for your DNA: novel nutrition plan sparks debate around data protection

Personalised diet plans will not be widely accepted by the public until regulations are in place to protect information about our DNA, new research has shown.