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Can simply naming vegetables differently increase healthful eating?

New research examines how using more appetizing words to describe healthful foods affects eating choices and finds that the wording can go a long way.

What are neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers in the nervous system. They influence mood, muscle movement, heart rate, and many other functions. Learn more here.

Brain protein promotes maintenance of chronic pain

Study results illuminate the potential of novel approach for the treatment of chronic pain.

Slower walkers have older brains and bodies at 45

The walking speed of 45-year-olds can be used as a marker of their aging brains and bodies. The evidence was there in neurocognitive testing these individuals took at age 3 to indicate who would become the slower walkers. At 45, slower walkers have ‘ac…

Habitual tea drinking modulates brain efficiency: Evidence from brain connectivity evaluation

The researchers recruited healthy older participants to two groups according to their history of tea drinking frequency and investigated both functional and structural networks to reveal the role of tea drinking on brain organization.

Overcoming the blood-brain-barrier: Delivering therapeutics to the brain

For the first time, scientists have identified a simple way that can effectively transport medication into the brain – which could lead to improved treatments for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

Illumination of abnormal neuronal activities caused by myelin impairment

The neural circuit basis for motor learning tasks when myelination is impaired has been illuminated for the first time. Researchers also succeeded in compensating for the impaired motor learning process by pairing appropriate actions with brain photo-s…

Targeting immune cells may be potential therapy for Alzheimer’s

A study has found that microglia drive neurodegeneration in diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, that are linked to tau protein. Targeting microglia may help treat such diseases.

Enhancing memory network via brain stimulation

Magnetic stimulation of the posterior parietal cortex increases functional connectivity of a neural network implicated in memory, shows human research. This finding confirms a previous study, validating further exploration of this technique for experim…

What are the 12 cranial nerves?

The cranial nerves are a set of twelve nerves that originate in the brain. Each has a different function for sense or movement. Learn more here.