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Tiny wireless device illuminates neuron activity in the brain

A team lights a path forward for improved treatment of conditions including addiction and epilepsy and chronic pain. In a new article, they report on a wireless transcranial optogenetic simulation device that can send light through the skull rather tha…

How to make up your mind when the glass seems half empty?

Neuroscientists have connected some of the dots to reveal the brain networks that give anxiety influence over decisions. The group has published a review that synthesizes results from years of brain measurements in rats and primates and relates these f…

Fruit compound may have potential to prevent and treat Parkinson’s disease

Researchers say they have added to evidence that the compound farnesol, found naturally in herbs, and berries and other fruits, prevents and reverses brain damage linked to Parkinson’s disease in mouse studies.

Gene associated with autism linked to itch response, study finds

A gene associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and pain hypersensitivity may actually decrease itch response, according to new research.

Remember more by taking breaks

We remember things longer if we take breaks during learning, referred to as the spacing effect. Scientists gained deeper insight into the neuronal basis for this phenomenon in mice. With longer intervals between learning repetitions, mice reuse more of…

Biomedical scientists tie improved learning processes to reduced symptoms of depression

Brain imaging and mathematical modeling reveal previously unreported mechanistic features of symptoms associated with major depressive disorder.

Motivation depends on how the brain processes fatigue

How do we decide whether or not an activity which requires work is ‘worth the effort’? Researchers have shown that the willingness to work is not static, and depends upon the fluctuating rhythms of fatigue.

Exercise may boost kids’ vocabulary growth

Swimming a few laps likely won’t turn your child into the next Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps, but it just might help them become the next J.K. Rowling or Stephen King. A recent study suggests aerobic exercise, such as swimming, can boost kids’ vocabu…

More than just walking: A new role for core brain region

For decades, a key brain area has been thought to merely regulate locomotion. Now, a research group has shown that the region is involved in much more than walking, as it contains distinct populations of neurons that control different body movements. T…

Scientists uncover how decisions about what we see are relayed back through the brain

Researchers have discovered that decisions based on visual information, which involve a complex stream of data flowing forward and backwards along the brain’s visual pathways, is broadcast widely to neurons in the visual system, including to those that…