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Researchers treat depression by reversing brain signals traveling the wrong way

A new study has revealed how magnetic stimulation treats severe depression: by correcting the abnormal flow of brain signals.

What marsupials can teach us about brain development

Research has revealed features of early human brain development are mimicked in the brains of marsupials.

What makes news get shared widely? The answer is in your head

Research has shown that social media users are likely to share posts that contain information that they feel is relevant to themselves or to the people they know.

New insights into the complex neurochemistry of ants

Ants’ brains are amazingly sophisticated organs that enable them to coordinate complex behavior patterns such as the organization of colonies. Now, researchers have developed a method that allows them to study ants’ brain chemistry and gain insights in…

Effects on memory of neuron diversity in brain region revealed

Neurons in a key area of the brain have different functions based on their exact genetic identity, and understanding this diversity could lead to better understanding of the brain’s computational flexibility and memory capacity, potentially informing d…

Brain signatures for chronic pain identified in a small group of individuals

Researchers have recorded pain-related data from inside the brain of individuals with chronic pain disorders caused by stroke or amputation (phantom limb pain). A long sought-after goal has been to understand how pain is represented by brain activity a…

AI voice coach shows promise in depression, anxiety treatment

A study found changes in patients’ brain activity along with improved depression and anxiety symptoms after using Lumen.

From molecular to whole-brain scale in a simple animal, study reveals serotonin’s effects

With full genetic control and visibility into neural activity and behavior, scientists map out chemical’s role in behavior.

Dementia study reveals how toxic proteins spread through brain

Fresh insights into the spread of damaging proteins that build up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease could hold the key to stopping the condition progressing, a study says.

Scientists discover a deadly brain cancer’s hidden weakness

The difficult-to-treat brain cancer glioblastoma steals a person’s mental faculties as it spreads, yet the tumor’s insidious ability to infiltrate neighboring networks in the brain could also prove its undoing.