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Recalling memories from a third-person perspective changes how our brain processes them

Adopting a third-person, observer point of view when recalling your past activates different parts of your brain than recalling a memory seen through your own eyes, according to a new article.

When you’re smiling, the whole world really does smile with you

From Sinatra to Katy Perry, celebrities have long sung about the power of a smile — how it picks you up, changes your outlook, and generally makes you feel better. But is it all smoke and mirrors, or is there a scientific backing to the claim? Groundb…

How do we prioritize what we see?

It is known that different regions of the brain help us prioritize information so we can efficiently process visual scenes. Neuroscientists have discovered that one specific region, the occipital cortex, plays a causal role in piloting our attention to…

Improving treatment of spinal cord injuries

Bioengineers have created an osmotic therapy device that gently removes fluid from the spinal cord to reduce swelling in injured rats with good results. The device can eventually be scaled up for testing in humans.

Aging memories may not be ‘worse’, just ‘different’

A study adds nuance to the idea that an aging memory is a poor one and finds a potential correlation between the way people process the boundaries of events and episodic memory.

Brain-NET, a deep learning methodology, accurately predicts surgeon certification scores based on neuroimaging data

Researchers demonstrated how a deep learning framework they call ‘Brain-NET’ can accurately predict a person’s level of expertise in terms of their surgical motor skills, based solely on neuroimaging data.

Excess weight among pregnant women may interfere with child’s developing brain

Obesity in expectant mothers may hinder the development of the babies’ brains as early as the second trimester, a new study finds.

Early neural activity associated with autism

Researchers have found evidence of signature brain activity in infants that predicted ASD symptoms later at 18 months old.

Study pinpoints five most likely causes of post-traumatic stress in police officers

A combination of genetic and emotional differences may lead to post-traumatic stress (PTS) in police officers, a new study finds. Based on biological studies of officers in major cities, the study showed that the most significant PTS predictors are the…

Prenatal depression can alter child’s brain connectivity, affect behavior

Altered brain connectivity may be one way prenatal depression influences child behavior, according to new research.