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Rewriting evolutionary history and shape future health studies

The network of nerves connecting our eyes to our brains is sophisticated and researchers have now shown that it evolved much earlier than previously thought, thanks to an unexpected source: the gar fish.

New pig brain maps facilitate human neuroscience discoveries

For nearly a decade, scientists have relied on an MRI-based map, or atlas, of the pig brain – developed using 4-week-old pigs – to understand where and how nutrients and other interventions affect the developing brain. Now, scientists have updated that…

Chronic sinus inflammation appears to alter brain activity

The millions of people who have chronic sinusitis deal not only with stuffy noses and headaches, they also commonly struggle to focus and experience depression and other symptoms that implicate the brain’s involvement in their illness. New research lin…

Altering traumatic memories

Scientists could be a step closer to finding a way to reduce the impact of traumatic memories.

Light shed on the coordination of neural stem cell activation

Scientists have successfully performed 3D visualization and spatial and temporal distribution analysis of neural stem cell activation in the adult brain of a zebrafish vertebrate model. Their findings demonstrate for the first time that activation even…

Society is not ready to make human brains

Scientists explain the future ethical implications of this research with regards to brain organoids, a laboratory-made structure that is designed to grow and behave like the brain.

Key brain molecule may play role in many brain disorders

Scientists have identified a molecule called microRNA-29 as a powerful controller of brain maturation in mammals. Deleting microRNA-29 in mice caused problems very similar to those seen in autism, epilepsy, and other neurodevelopmental conditions. The …

‘Brain glue’ helps repair circuitry in severe TBI

In a new study, researchers have demonstrated the long-term benefits of a hydrogel, which they call ‘brain glue,’ for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. The gel protects against loss of brain tissue after a severe injury and might aid in function…

Unique mini-microscope provides insight into complex brain functions

Head-mounted device on free-moving mice reveals how regions of the brain interact.

New blueprint of brain connections reveals extensive reach of central regulator

Researchers have generated a new map of connectivity from a part of the brain called the basal ganglia, a hub for regulating motor and behavior functions. The breadth of connections revealed could potentially open avenues for intervention of Parkinson’…