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Seeing not just with the eyes: Degree of arousal affects perception

The brain modulates visual signals according to internal states, as a new study by neuroscientists reveals.

Researchers develop ‘game-changing’ blood test for stroke detection

Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide and the second leading cause of death, but the right early intervention can prevent severe consequences. Scientists developed a new test by combining blood-based biomarkers with a clinical score to id…

Different brain structures in females lead to more severe cognitive deficits after concussion than males

Important brain structures that are key for signaling in the brain are narrower and less dense in females, and more likely to be damaged by brain injuries, such as concussion. Long-term cognitive deficits occur when the signals between brain structures…

Under stress, an observer is more likely to help the victim than to punish the perpetrator

Being stressed while witnessing injustice may push your brain towards altruism, according to a new study.

Singing repairs the language network of the brain after a cerebrovascular accident

Singing rehabilitates speech production in post-stroke aphasia. Researchers investigated the rehabilitative effect of singing on the brain.

How does the brain turn waves of light into experiences of color?

Perceiving something — anything — in your surroundings is to become aware of what your senses are detecting. Today, neuroscientists identify, for the first time, brain-cell circuitry in fruit flies that converts raw sensory signals into color percept…

Very early blood pressure control confers both benefits and harms in acute stroke

Early identification of stroke type could be key to harnessing the benefits of very early in-ambulance blood pressure lowering treatment in patients with suspected acute stroke, according to new research.

‘Trojan horse’ weight loss drug more effective than available therapies

A groundbreaking article describes a promising new therapy for obesity that leads to greater weight loss in mice than existing medications. The approach smuggles molecules into the brain’s appetite center and affects the brain’s neuroplasticity.

Climate change likely to aggravate brain conditions

Climate change, and its effects on weather patterns and adverse weather events, is likely to negatively affect the health of people with brain conditions, argue a team of researchers.

The crystallization of memory: Study reveals how practice forms new memory pathways in the brain

A new study has shown that repetitive practice not only is helpful in improving skills but also leads to profound changes in the brain’s memory pathways.