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Good spatial memory? You’re likely to be good at identifying smells too

People who have better spatial memory are also better at identifying odors, according to a new study. The study builds on a recent theory that the main reason that a sense of smell evolved was to aid in navigation, since most animals rely primarily on …

The neurobiology of social aggression

Bullying and aggression carry heavy societal costs. For the first time, researchers have found a signalling mechanism in the brain that shapes social behavior — specifically a growth factor protein, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), and…

Scientists find brain signal that might help us judge the holiday buffet

Neuroscientists have found a brain region that appears to be strongly connected to food preference decisions, like what to choose from a buffet line or potluck table.

How do dogs process words? Brain study investigates

Dogs may have ‘a neural representation for the meaning of words they have been taught,’ finds a new study, which placed dogs inside a brain scanner.

To track how students ace the LSAT, watch their eyes

Neuroscientists are tracking eye movements to understand how practicing tough reasoning tests like the LSAT makes students smarter.

Weight loss success linked with active self-control regions of the brain

New research suggests that higher-level brain functions have a major role in losing weight. In a study among 24 participants at a weight-loss clinic, those who achieved greatest success in terms of weight loss demonstrated more activity in the brain re…

Electrical properties of dendrites help explain our brain’s unique computing power

Neuroscientists have discovered that human dendrites have very different electrical properties from those of other species. These differences may contribute to the enhanced computing power of the human brain.

Brain cells called astrocytes have unexpected role in brain ‘plasticity’

Researchers have shown that astrocytes — long-overlooked supportive cells in the brain — help to enable the brain’s plasticity, a new role for astrocytes that was not previously known. The findings could point to ways to restore connections that have…

Study points to new method to deliver drugs to the brain

Researchers have discovered a potentially new approach to deliver therapeutics more effectively to the brain. The research could have implications for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and brain cancer.

Colored filter improves dyslexic children’s reading speed

Volunteers aged 9-10 with dyslexia took less time to read passages from children’s books, possibly thanks to attenuated excitability of the cerebral cortex.