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How does your brain process emotions? Answer could help address loneliness epidemic

New research finds that specific regions of the brain respond to emotional stimuli related to loneliness and wisdom in opposing ways.

Beauty is in the brain: AI reads brain data, generates personally attractive images

Researchers have succeeded in making an AI understand our subjective notions of what makes faces attractive. The device demonstrated this knowledge by its ability to create new portraits on its own that were tailored to be found personally attractive t…

Can’t solve a riddle? The answer might lie in knowing what doesn’t work

With the help of about 200 human puzzle-takers, a computer model and functional MRI images, researchers have learned more about the processes of reasoning and decision making, pinpointing the brain pathway that springs into action when problem-solving …

When peeking in your brain may help with mental illness

In recent years, researchers have begun using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) not just to better understand the neural bases of psychiatric illness, but also for experimental treatment of depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, substance use diso…

Determination of glycine transporter opens new avenues in development of psychiatric drugs

Glycine can stimulate or inhibit neurons in the brain, thereby controlling complex functions. Unraveling the three-dimensional structure of the glycine transporter, researchers have now come a big step closer to understanding the regulation of glycine …

Quick to smile – study shows speed of expression offers vital visual cues

The speed at which we produce facial expressions plays an important role in our ability to recognise emotions in others, according to new research.

Researchers identify brain ion channel as new approach to treating depression

Clinical trial results provide rationale for continued study of the KCNQ type of ion channel.

Food for thought: New maps reveal how brains are kept nourished

Scientists have created new brain maps featuring unprecedented detail. The insights provided by the new maps are helping answer questions about blood supply and how more active parts of the brain are kept nourished versus less demanding areas.

New study gives the most detailed look yet at the neuroscience of placebo effects

A large proportion of the benefit that a person gets from taking a real drug or receiving a treatment to alleviate pain is due to an individual’s mindset, not to the drug itself. Understanding the neural mechanisms driving this placebo effect has been …

Individualized brain cell grafts reverse Parkinson’s symptoms in monkeys

Grafting neurons grown from monkeys’ own cells into their brains relieved the debilitating movement and depression symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease, researchers report.