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Reaching and grasping: Learning fine motor coordination changes the brain

When we train the reaching for and grasping of objects, we also train our brain. In other words, this action brings about changes in the connections of a certain neuronal population in the red nucleus, a region of the midbrain. Researchers have discove…

Mouse study finds BPA exposure has transgenerational effects on gene linked to autism

Transgenerational bisphenol A (BPA) exposure may contribute to autism, according to a mouse study.

Brain activation provides individual-level prediction of bipolar disorder risk

Patterns of brain activation during reward anticipation may help identify people most at risk for developing bipolar spectrum disorders (BPSD), according to a new study. Mania in people with BPSD is often accompanied by impulsivity, including impulsive…

Insomnia: ‘Long-distance’ CBT as effective as in-person therapy

Telemedicine-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for people trying to manage chronic insomnia, new research shows.

Education, intelligence may protect cognition, but don’t prevent Alzheimer’s disease

In a search for clues to what may delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, scientists report that smarter, more educated people aren’t protected from the disease, but do get a cognitive ‘head start’ that may keep their minds functioning better temporarily.

Early life stress plus overexpressed FKBP5 protein increases anxiety behavior

A new preclinical study finds that anxiety-like behavior increases when early life adversity combines with high levels of FKBP5 — a protein capable of modifying hormonal stress response. Moreover, the researchers demonstrate this genetic-early life st…

How the brain changes when mastering a new skill

Researchers have discovered what happens in the brain as people learn how to perform tasks, which could lead to improved lives for people with brain injuries. The study revealed that new neural activity patterns emerge with long-term learning and estab…

How electrical stimulation reorganizes the brain

Recordings of neural activity during therapeutic stimulation can be used to predict subsequent changes in brain connectivity, according to a study of epilepsy patients. This approach could inform efforts to improve brain stimulation treatments for depr…

AI software reveals the inner workings of short-term memory

Neuroscientists show how short-term, working memory uses networks of neurons differently depending on the complexity of the task at hand.

Disturbed sleep linked to mental health problems in natural disaster survivors

Preliminary results from a new study suggest that sleep disturbances are associated with mental health problems among survivors of a natural disaster even two years after the event.