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Study identifies how COVID-19 linked to Alzheimer’s disease-like cognitive impairment

A new study has identified mechanisms by which COVID-19 can lead to Alzheimer’s disease-like dementia. The findings indicate an overlap between COVID-19 and brain changes common in Alzheimer’s, and may help inform risk management and therapeutic strate…

Music listening near bedtime disruptive to sleep

Most people listen to music throughout their day and often near bedtime to wind down. But can that actually cause your sleep to suffer? When a sleep researcher realized he was waking in the middle of the night with a song stuck in his head, he saw an o…

‘Roadmaps’ of the brain reveal regions vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease

Much like a supply truck crossing the countryside, the misfolded proteins that damage neurons in Alzheimer’s disease travel the ‘roads’ of the brain, sometimes stopping and sometimes re-routing to avoid roadblocks.

Memory biomarkers confirm aerobic exercise helps cognitive function in older adults

Until now, systemic biomarkers to measure exercise effects on brain function and that link to relevant metabolic responses were lacking. A study shows a memory biomarker, myokine Cathepsin B (CTSB), increased in older adults following a 26-week structu…

Cloud computing expands brain sciences

People often think about human behavior in terms of what is happening in the present — reading a newspaper, driving a car, or catching a football. But other dimensions of behavior extend over weeks, months, and years.

Largescale brain epigenetics study provides new insights into dementia

The team looked in different regions of the brain, which are affected in Alzheimer’s disease before looking for common changes across these cortical regions. They identified 220 sites in the genome, including 84 new genes, which showed different levels…

Laughing gas relieves symptoms in people with treatment-resistant depression

Researchers have found that a single, one-hour treatment that involves breathing in a mixture of oxygen and the anesthetic drug nitrous oxide — otherwise known as laughing gas — can significantly improve symptoms in people with treatment-resistant de…

Study shows adaptive brain response to stress, and its absence in people with depression

A new study identifies a novel biomarker indicating resilience to chronic stress. This biomarker is largely absent in people suffering from major depressive disorder, and this absence is further associated with pessimism in daily life, the study finds.

Brain connections mean some people lack visual imagery

New research has revealed that people with the ability to visualize vividly have a stronger connection between their visual network and the regions of the brain linked to decision-making. The study also sheds light on memory and personality differences…

As novel sights become familiar, different brain rhythms, neurons take over

As ‘visual recognition memory’ emerges in visual cortex, one circuit of inhibitory neurons supplants another and slower neural oscillations prevail, according to a new study.