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‘Use it or lose it’: Regular social engagement linked to healthier brain microstructure in older adults

Older people who report greater levels of social engagement have more robust gray matter in regions of the brain relevant in dementia, according to new research. It is the first to use a particularly sensitive type of brain imaging to conduct such an e…

Automatic decision-making prevents us harming others

The processes our brains use to avoid harming other people are automatic and reflexive – and quite different from those used when avoiding harm to ourselves, according to new research.

Nerves that sense touch may play role in autism

Autism is considered a disorder of the brain. But a new study suggests that the peripheral nervous system, the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations, may play a role as well.

Assessing state of the art in AI for brain disease treatment

The range of AI technologies available for dealing with brain disease is growing fast, and exciting new methods are being applied to brain problems as computer scientists gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of advanced algorithms. Researche…

Stay in touch with your emotions to reduce pandemic-induced stress

The coronavirus has ushered in a lot of stress. Psychologists say people can reduce stress by identifying their emotions and taking mindful action to address them. The findings come from a national survey gauging how Americans are faring during the pan…

Distracted learning a big problem, golden opportunity for educators, students

Although experts say using electronic media while doing schoolwork negatively impacts learning, many students believe they’re immune to any ill effects because they’re good multitaskers, according to recent research.

STAT3 identified as important factor in emotional reactivity

Researchers showed that STAT3 plays an important role in the serotonergic system as a molecular mediator for controlling emotional reactivity, thereby establishing a mechanistic link between the immune system, serotonergic transmission and affective di…

Relationship value and economic value are evaluated by the same part of the brain

Researchers have revealed that the orbitofrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for calculating economic value, is also responsible for judging the value of relationships with friends based on the received commitment signals.

Novel discoveries in preventing epileptic seizures

Researchers have found that an amino acid produced by the brain could play a crucial role in preventing a type of epileptic seizure.

Effects of low-level lead exposure and alcohol consumption

A new study examining effects of low-level developmental lead exposure in mice could explain why some people dependent on alcohol return to using.