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Mice’s learning skills help researchers pinpointing brain areas where acquired knowledge is stored

Is it a Rembrandt or a Vermeer? For lay people, it is often challenging to distinguish paintings by these two old masters. For the trained eye of an expert, on the other hand, it is not difficult at all. Scientists have now demonstrated that mice can a…

A genetic brain disease reversed after birth

Researchers report that Kleefstra syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to intellectual disability, can be reversed after birth in a mouse model of the disease. The series of experiments showed that postnatal treatment resulted in improved symptoms, …

Pioneering EEG test could dramatically increase early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

Researchers have developed a two-minute passive-test, ‘Fastball EEG’, that measures people’s brain waves in response to a series of images and could help expand early dementia diagnosis.

Stroke study reveals optimal timing and intensity for arm and hand rehabilitation

A phase II, randomized clinical trial found that the optimal period for intensive rehabilitation of arm and hand use after a stroke should begin 60 to 90 days after the event.

Lack of trust exacerbates loneliness spiral

Loneliness is a painful feeling. If it persists, it can lead to mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety disorders. Researchers have now discovered how loneliness is associated with reduced trust. This is reflected in changes in the activity and …

Right light on the mother’s belly may be important to the fetus

There may be a link between exposure to light during pregnancy and fetal brain development. New findings may provide better understanding of certain neurological diseases later in life.

Brain microstructural damage related to cognitive dysfunction and steroid medication in lupus patients

Researchers attempted to unravel such mechanisms by adopting non-invasive diffusion magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study the brains of SLE patients, particularly the white matter, coupled with computerized neuropsychological assessment. White matt…

Consuming fruit and vegetables and exercising can make you happier

New research led by the University of Kent and University of Reading has found that fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise can increase levels of happiness.

True behavior of the ‘pleasure molecule’ will reshape how we treat psychiatric diseases and addiction

Discovery shows that dopamine is not a reward molecule at all, calling for revision of textbook facts regarding the hormone’s role in the brain.

How scents take on meaning

Once a scent is detected, different areas of the brain are activated. A team has recently discovered that structures of the olfactory sense work closely together with the brain’s reward and aversion systems. This means that scents are processed not onl…