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What are the types of depression?

There are several different types of depression, which is a common mental health condition. Learn about their symptoms and who is at risk in this article.

What is the link between depression and anger?

Some people with depression also experience anger. Here, learn about the connection between depression and anger and the available treatment options.

What is the link between depression and anxiety?

Some people experience anxiety and depression at the same time. In this article, learn about how they are linked, the differences between them, and what treatments are available.

Depression in children: What to know

Depression can occur in anyone, including children. In this article, learn about the signs and symptoms of depression in children, as well as how to help.

16 myths about depression

Depression is a very common condition. Despite this, many myths and misconceptions continue to surround it. Learn more about depression here, including the facts.

Negative bias in people with depression is temporary

People with depression process negative facial expressions in a stronger way than neutral ones. However, this tendency disappears as symptoms reduce.

16 strategies and treatments to fight depression

Depression is a common mental health condition that can range in severity from mild to debilitating. Learn about 16 ways to fight depression in this article.

Could a combination of psychedelics and meditation treat depression?

New research suggests that mindfulness meditation, together with psilocybin, can improve symptoms that have a close association with depression.

Metacognitive therapy may prevent depression relapse

According to new research, a form of therapy that teaches people with depression to break negative thought patterns could be the key to long term recovery.

How can you help a loved one with depression?

When someone is depressed, it can be hard to know how to help. Find out here the ways people can help a loved one or friend, how to look after their own mental health, plus things not to say.