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Fanita English talks about Ego States in Transactional Analysis

A useful way of understanding human personality as Ego States, or systems of thinking, feeling, and acting that exist within each of us. The last sentence was cut off, and should be “The more I learn about myself and how I operate with three ego …

Transactional Analysis and Ego States

Eric Berne, the founder of Transactional Analysis developed the PAC model, the three ego states, Parent, Adult and Child. These are a mixture of behaviours, thoughts and feelings. The Parent ego state, or exteropsyche – is a state in which people think and behave like their own parental figures did in their childhood. When in [...]

History of Transactional Analysis

February 26, 2009 by - Comments Off

History of Transactional Analysis

TA is not only post-Freudian but according to its founder’s wishes consciously extra-Freudian. That is to say that while it has its roots in psychoanalysis – since Berne was a psychoanalytic-trained psychiatrist – it was designed as a…